Raspberry preserve extra

Heavenly seduction

The perfect time for harvesting the juiciest, most aromatic and sweetest Raspberries is from July to August. Raspberries are part of the rosaceous family and are especially low in calories, yet rich in vitamin C because of their high water content.


Raspberries, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Gellant Pectin, Acidifier Citric Acid

Made with 50 g fruit per 100 g
Total sugar content 61 g per 100 g

Filling weight: 340 g
EAN: 40 03740 00639 0


Calorific Value: 1030 KJ / 243 kcal
Fat: < 0,5 g
fatty acids: < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates: 57,0 g
Thereof sugar: 54,0 g
Protein: 0,7 g
Salt: 0,03 g